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A company built on versatility and the flexibility to be able to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, not just in the product we produce but throughout our organization. We are a company focused on Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction, which allows us to execute at the highest level both internally and externally.


About Us

We are pioneering the ability to be a multi-platform supplier that can respond to all plastic needs through manufacturing and strategic partnerships we have built along the way, all focused on bringing a cost-effective, high-quality product to our loyal customers.

Our Services

Product Management

PPI Inc understands the intricacies of flexible product management that starts from the initial concept of the product, through engineering, design, production,  and then through the distribution of your product. PPI Inc believes that investing in your program from start to finish provides the highest level of detailed customer satisfaction and allows our customers an extension of themselves in our facility.


PPI Inc. has stringent quality procedures registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standards, and the use of our CMM to accurately report dimensional performance illustrates The Plastic Parts International’s quality commitment. Utilizing the most sophisticated equipment available and professionals who are dedicated down to the last detail, are two of the ways we live up to this high quality commitment.

Design & Product Development

PPI Inc. is equipped with over 100 years of combined industry experience in all design and product development areas to meet  all our customers’ needs. We take pride in our engineering team being able to provide you with the value engineered solution you deserve and its this type of dedication that allows PPI Inc. to continue in maximizing our overall value.


PPI Inc. has adopted a philosophy aimed at quick-response manufacturing. Being a custom manufacturer and serving the variety of industries that we are capable of doing, PPI Inc has learned to value speed to market, improving quality, and reducing waste which has allowed us to quickly become an industry leader while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and delivering quality.

Product Prototyping

PPI Inc. understands that speed to market is key in all industries, and that is why we have invested in several different methods to prove out your design prior to mass production without sacrificing valuable production time. These optimizations have allowed us to reduce waste and duplication, providing our customers with the speed and accuracy in their product prototyping they require to be successful.

Industries Served


When someone's health is involved, quality is vital. You can rely on us to live up to their incredibly high standards.


The automotive sector requires parts that are efficient, lightweight & easy to mass produce. Luckily this is where PPI Excels.


Growth of thermoplastics in heating, ventilation & air conditioning reflects their suitability to meet today’s requirements.


PPI is a specialist in the manufacture of high-performance precision mouldings required by today’s fast-moving electronics industry.


PPI Enables retail owners the ability to customise products, as well as to produce them in very high volume for sale.


We produce various high strength to light weight ratio components, resistance against corrosive elements & UV stability


The electrical industry requires many high-quality components to create the best electronics on the market.


Injection moulding can be applied to virtually any product within the telecom industry, from phones, computers, keyboards to fibre optic cabling.


From single prototypes to production runs. rapid prototyping allows environmental engineers to break boundaries set by time or cost.


Supporting the construction industry with building services assemblies to hi-tech site surveying & PPE equipment.


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